2021 Scholarship Award

Congratulations to Daniel Kreiss, Natalie Bennett, and Katherine Weigle, the 2021 scholarship award recipients. They are making a difference!

Reece Kelley Foundation

The Reece Kelley Foundation is a 501 (c) 3. Your donations are tax deductible.
email: info@reecekelleyfoundation.org

Past Scholarship Winners:

Jamie Knaub               Todd Cooper

Rachele Branchi          Tyler Maiman

Katie Spanos               Austin Miller

Anna Mostoller          Daniel Beaver

Sarita Walters             Elise Musser

Annabella Branchi      Tyler Heath

Stephen Jones.            Justin Lontz

Ryan Kutz                 Avery Cassel

Christian Gingrich     Ryan Klingensmith


The primary goal of The Reece Kelley Foundation is to provide college scholarships to students who exhibit the character and qualities that Reece embodied.  It will fund two new scholarships each year to students at Lower Dauphin High School. Each scholarship will be one thousand dollars and will be renewable for four years to the recipient, for a total of four thousand dollars.  The qualifications for earning this scholarship are as follows:

~ Candidate must be a senior planning to attend an accredited college or university.
~ Candidate must have a letter of recommendation from a teacher, coach, advisor, or administrator.
~ Candidate must have volunteered 20 hours to community service during his/her junior and senior years of high school.
~ Candidate must take part in a school-sponsored extracurricular activity (i.e. drama, band, sports, etc.)
​~ Candidate must have at least a 3.0 Grade Point Average.

In order for a recipient to continue receiving the scholarship for three more years, he/she must continue enrollment at an accredited college or university and must continue to complete 20 hours of community service each year. He/she must also maintain a 2.5 Grade Point Average and must report the stated qualifications to the scholarship committee by July 31st each year.